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[bragging rights]

now that i've introduced myself, i think i'll show off a little, too... ;P as i said, i'm a writer. i writer many a shounen-ai/ yaoi things. in fact, it's mostly what i write- i'm just that pathetic. so, seeing as this is a shounen-ai webgroup, i'll link to some of my writings.

mukizu no senshi (flawless warriors) [gundam wing fic] - 1 | 2 | 3 The Gundam boys meet up with an unknown pilot, that apprantly has met up with Heero before. Angst insues. Shounen-ai, rape indications, maybe a little bit of lemon later on. 1x2/ 2x1: 0x1.

three sides to the coin [tenkuu no escaflowne] -prelude : Dilandau desires Volken, but once he is denied, he plots a different approach of getting the man he wants... FolkenxDilandau, DilandauxVan. Citrus will be the extent until the last chapter, which will be lemon. First try at an Escaflowne fic.

but in the end... [shin seiki evangelion] - my take on episode 24. spoilers for the latter half of the series. shinji x kaworu, lemon(first real lemon i've written, too). set to the song 'in the end' by linkin park.

that's it for my completed ones.. i've got a shit-load of ideas though. teehee. i'll keep you all posted on that. ^_~ read and review, please! *puppys eyes*

now, i'm done with the shameless plug, so... jaa.

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